Flooding in Breadsall

Flooding and Breadsall – sadly two words that have gone together too often in the last couple of years! The Council is all too aware of the distress this can cause, especially if you are not sure who to contact to get everything sorted, or what type of flooding has occurred.  If you are reading this in an emergency skip to the table below for contact details.

There are several different types of flooding including:

  • Major river flooding
  • Surface water and ground water flooding
  • Highways and roads flooding
  • Sewer flooding

If you would like further information, do have a look at these links from Severn Trent which give a more detailed explanation and walk you through reporting an issue:

In the event of a flood your first priority is of course to make your person and property safe, and always contact your insurer, as if you don’t it may affect future claims.

Severn Trent stress however that if there is an incident involving the public sewers and/or you can see sewage or debris like toilet paper please do get in touch with them immediately so that they can investigate as soon as possible and provide help and advice.

Contact BodyWhen to contactContact Details
Emergency ServicesIf lives are in danger or there is a risk of injury contact the emergency services (Fire and Rescue) as soon as possible.Telephone 999
Environment AgencyIf your property is under threat of flooding from main rivers.Floodline on 0845 988 1188
Derbyshire County Council Responsible for co-ordinating a response by local authorities and the emergency services during a major flood event. You can contact them in an emergency when you or your property are under threat from flooding from smaller ordinary watercourses, from surface water or from groundwater.Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190, 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and from 9.30am to 4pm Saturdays.
Erewash Borough CouncilErewash Borough Council will issue filled sandbags to residents when a flood warning has been issued in your area or when your property is at imminent risk of flooding.

A supply of 10 sandbags (empty) can be collected free of charge from Ilkeston or Long Eaton Town Hall receptions and all leisure centres.
0115 907 2244. For out of hours emergencies please telephone 01629 533078.
Severn TrentIf the flooding is from the sewers or water mains.

if there is an incident involving the public sewers and/or you can see sewage or debris like toilet paper.
Emergency number 0800 783 4444.