Neighbourhood Plan

, Neighbourhood Plan


The final draft has now been completed and submitted to Erewash Borough Council

The submission is accompanied by a “Consultation Statement” giving a detailed schedule of consultation activity and a “Basic Conditions Statement” describing how the Neighbourhood Plan complies with statutory requirements and with strategic local and national policies.

The Borough Council was required to publicise the Neighbourhood Plan for a period of six weeks.

Following this consultation period an independent examiner was appointed in consultation with the Parish Council. The independent examiner considered whether the Neighbourhood Plan met the necessary requirements and issued a report which recommended some modifications.

The Borough Council must then determine whether the Neighbourhood Plan meets the “Basic Conditions” and make amendments if necessary. This is the stage at which the Plan currently sits, there having been delays caused by the pandemic and staffing issues at the Borough.

The final stage is a public referendum determined by a simple majority vote.

There is a link to the final draft of the Plan as submitted below:

, Neighbourhood Plan